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Why you should use Aessoa Dermal fillers

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Dermal fillers help to put a little bit of youthfulness into your face. Even if you need smoother skin, a youthful look, or even a lip pump, a dermal filler is the best way to get the looks you want. The world of dermal fillers has gone a long way, with many individuals in different lines of business needing to look good. Social media has put many people in a place where they have to keep on looking great and ready for any opportunity that comes their way. This means that people need to apply the necessary safety precautions when making a selection.

The best dermal fillers you need are well refined to give you a natural look, which improves your beauty with a touch of nature. The point is that at Aessoa, we are driven to give high-quality solutions that are also safe for use.

What makes our dermal fillers stand out?
Aessoa makes use of a high concentration of Hyaluronic acid (HA) in production. This is an important part of the production because we already have Hyaluronic acids in the skin, which reduces dry skin – a constant factor with ageing – and hold water in the skin, leaving it plump and looking good. The injection of this HA to the skin boosts the water content of the skin and plumps the skin context meaning that you are in a safer position making use of our dermal fillers.

Our dermal fillers are also monophasic, which means that it is a combination of high and low molecular weight HA, making application easy on your skin. For easy application, we applied lidocaine to help make sure that you feel virtually no pain while it is transcending through your skin.
So, you can rest assured that we use fillers with raw materials that give results but still keep you safe in the process. To ensure the sterilization of all products, the production of Aessoa dermal fillers is only done in an aseptic environment.

How long do Aessoa fillers last?
You need to be aware that all dermal fillers are temporary and for a good reason. This means that the changes we make will not be forever; you just simply need to know how to maintain your looks for a long period.

Aessoa fillers last for a period between 12 -24 months, and just like it is with many procedures related to the skin, results differ. Some of the major factors that determine how long your dermal filler would last include the speed of metabolism of the filler, where the filler has been used, and how much fillers have been used. Whenever you notice a decrease in the volume of your filler, the basic recommendation is touching up your fillers.



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